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Joannie Tremblay says

“Sanimax encourages its employees to grow within the team. I was hired as a lab trainee, then as a lab technician. Today, I am a production supervisor and I am studying to become a chemist! It feels very good to know that my employer believes in me.”

Production Supervisor, Montréal plant, Québec, Canada

Kelly Montonati says

“The opportunities are endless at Sanimax. I have been supported and encouraged to take on new challenges in several different departments such as HR, Sales and Operations. There have been great opportunities to travel and learn about new cultures while advancing in the Company. I have grown tremendously here and can say from experience that with Sanimax… Anything is possible!”

Plant Manager, Green Bay facility, Wisconsin, USA


Brandon Walder says

“My story is proof that Sanimax believes in its employees. I was hired as an electrician right out of school. Sanimax immediately supported me in obtaining a higher certification, while training me as a mechanic and operator. Two years later, I was promoted to process technician.”

Electrician, Green Bay plant, Wisconsin, USA


Travis Dagustino says

“In the Sanimax team, no one is confined to a single role. At first, I was a plant equipment mechanic. I made a career change to become a truck mechanic, which quickly allowed me to become a transportation supervisor!”

Transportation Supervisor, South St. Paul plant, Minnesota, USA

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Give meaning to your career

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